Have you ever heard of Mei Mei Kay? If not, you might be missing out on one of the most popular YouTube personalities. Mei Mei Kay is a well-known YouTube star from Malaysia, famous for her beauty and lifestyle videos. Her channel has millions of subscribers, and she is a social media influencer for many well-known brands. Everyone admires her creativity, fashion sense, and makeup skills, but the burning question is, how wealthy is Mei Mei Kay?

In this blog post, we will reveal Mei Mei Kay’s net worth, and delve deeper into the factors contributing to her lavish lifestyle.

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Her Early Life

Mei Mei Kay’s real name is Kei Joanne Wong. She was born on June 28, 1994, in Penang, Malaysia. At the age of 16, she moved to Kuala Lumpur and started her YouTube channel in 2012. Anyone can start a YouTube channel, but not many people are as successful as Mei Mei Kay. Through her incredible work ethic and talent, she has built a substantial empire in just a few years.

How Mei Mei Kay Made Her Fortune

Mei Mei Kay’s job is mainly being a YouTube personality and social media influencer. Her channel is all about beauty and lifestyle content, which is the main source of her wealth. She produces well-curated and high-quality content, which attracts a lot of views and a huge following. With more than 2 million views per video and two hundred and fifty-six million (256m) views on her channel, it’s no surprise that Mei Mei Kay’s income stream mostly comes from YouTube advertising.

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In addition to endorsing products through her videos, Mei Mei Kay is also a brand ambassador for various well-known brands. It’s not surprising that Mei Mei Kay is a sought-after influencer, considering her substantial following on different social media platforms.

How Much Is Mei Mei Kay Worth?

Mei Mei Kay is a well-established YouTuber and influencer. Based on various sources, Mei Mei Kay’s current net worth is estimated to be around US$5 million, whoa! It’s an enormous amount of money for a 27-year-old. She has been able to amass this wealth through her various income streams, such as brand endorsements, sponsorships, and YouTube.

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Mei Mei Kay’s Expensive Lifestyle

As we know, Mei Mei Kay’s net worth is estimated to be around US$5 million. She lives an extravagant lifestyle that matches her net worth. She drives a luxurious Porsche which is estimated to cost around RM 273,000. She also bought a high-end bungalow in Kuala Lumpur that cost around RM3.5 million. Besides, Mei Mei Kay is also a handbag enthusiast who loves to carry branded bags such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel.


1. What is Mei Mei Kay’s net worth currently?
As per various sources, her current estimated net worth is around US$5 million.

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2. What brands has Mei Mei Kay worked with?
Mei Mei Kay has collaborated with various well-known brands such as Maybelline, Lancôme, Shu Uemura, L’Oreal, and many more.

3. How old is Mei Mei Kay?
Mei Mei Kay was born on June 28, 1994, which makes her 27 years old.

4. What content does Mei Mei Kay create on her YouTube channel?
Mei Mei Kay primarily creates beauty and lifestyle content on YouTube.

5. Where is Mei Mei Kay from?
Mei Mei Kay is from Penang, Malaysia.

6. What is the estimated value of Mei Mei Kay’s bungalow?
The estimated value of Mei Mei Kay’s bungalow is around RM3.5 million.

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7. What kind of car does Mei Mei Kay drive?
Mei Mei Kay drives a Porsche which is estimated to cost around RM 273,000.

The Secret to Mei Mei Kay’s Success

Mei Mei Kay’s online success comes from her passion for creating quality content. All of her videos are beautifully curated with excellent visuals to match, making her stand out in the YouTube community. To achieve the same level of success, you need to have a passion for what you’re creating, hard work, and dedication.


Mei Mei Kay’s success story is an inspiration to many young people out there. She worked hard and achieved her dreams despite numerous obstacles, and she is an excellent example to follow. Mei Mei Kay’s net worth may come as a shock, but it is the result of her tireless work, branding, and excellent content. She has also been able to maintain her position in the industry through her continual innovation and hard work. If you want to achieve similar success, remember to follow your passion, produce great content, and work hard!

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